Takers Get Taken! Takers: Poison It’s time to get your funk on with Takers from Superstar K4, with their new release, “Poison,” which comes at the same time as their release, “Honey” for their mini-album. The hip-hop duo recently caught attention with their remake of Lee Hyori’s “Remember Me,” but this time it’s 100% them. […]

Two Months’ Member More Than All Right Lim Kim: All Right Sometimes it gets gimmicky and like an easy cop-out to have a song with a lot of repetition, rather than using it as the tool it was intended to be. Simplified songs often get a bad rap for being too straight-forward, probably because much […]

Not Everyone is Ready for the Modern Woman Girl’s Day: Female President Since summer has officially begun, it’s time to pump up the bass to celebrate – and what better way than with the highly anticipated “Female President” by Girl’s Day? Making waves for its racy outfits and addictive beat, it appears as though many […]

The Masculine Touch B.A.P.: Coffee Shop Are all of these girl-group comebacks and electro-pop summer anthems getting you down? Maybe you’re wondering if you’ll see any boy bands comeback before summer’s end – or whether you’re going to have to be ready to party until winter. Well, worry no more; B.A.P. are also making their […]

4minute don’t take Their Own Advice… But it’s Okay 4minute: Is it Poppin’? Are you looking for something with a tropical kind of sound to help you get your groove on? Well, look no further than “Is it Poppin’?” the newest release from girl-group 4minute, released on June 28th. Created with Brave Brothers, the girls […]

All the Single Ladies… Need Love Too! Sunny Hill: Darling of All Hearts A lot of us know Sunny Hill for their dark electric style represented in tracks like “Midnight Circus” and “Grasshopper,” but the ladies began with a lighter sound, back in the day. In June they returned to that earlier style with ease, […]

Make Your Move! Dal Shabet: Be Ambitious/Look at my Legs Be! Ambitious! B-E! Ambitious! That’s what the ladies of Dal Shabet are calling to their English-speaking fans, though the Korean title for “Be Ambitious” is the playful “Look at my Legs!” With such titles, it’s no surprise that Dal Shabet are ambitiously showing some leg […]

What Did We Do Last Night? Kye Bum Joo: The Ceiling (Feat. BaeChigi’s Moowoong) Superstar K4 is, of course, all about creating new superstars, so it’s no great shock that former contestant Kye Bum Joo has made his own release in June with “The Ceiling,” even releasing an MV to complement it! Having recruited BaeChigi’s […]

Making a Small Splash in Singapore A-PRINCE: My Lady Being a group from a small agency is tough going if you want to be a huge idol groups. Changing names and rotating members can also hurt your fandom, and make it even harder to stand the test of time. Maybe it’s for those reasons that […]

2EYES Prove Unapproachable 2EYES: Don’t Mess With Me The latest rookie girl group to make their way onto the K-pop scene are 2EYES, a group who promise to convey their music… through their eyes. With the slightly off-kilter purpose behind their name, the group consists of Hyangsook, Hyerin, Da Eun, Yeonjoon and Dasom. With their choreography […]