KYE BUM JOO – The Ceiling (Feat. Moowoong of Baechigi)


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Kye Bum Joo: The Ceiling (Feat. BaeChigi’s Moowoong)

Superstar K4 is, of course, all about creating new superstars, so it’s no great shock that former contestant Kye Bum Joo has made his own release in June with “The Ceiling,” even releasing an MV to complement it!

Having recruited BaeChigi’s Moowoong to participate in the track and NU’EST’s Aron (who has drawn quite a bit of attention to the project for his participation) for the MV, it’s turning out to be quite the successful release.

With all the friendly participation, fans might not even realize that the song is even produced by Kye Bum Joo himself, who has previously produced songs for Block B, NU’EST, and even After School.

The refreshingly oldschool R&B track keeps it light and simple, with an addictive beat that will immediately have you bobbing your head in time with the music whether you know who Kye Bum Joo is or not.

The song employs a fusion of jazz to keep it ever-so-cool, and while Kye Bum Joo’s vocals are a perfect fit for the song, Moowoong’s participation adds that perfect amount of spicy flavour to the production, with his distinctive voice.

The song tells the uncomfortable tale of a couple who wake up together, both of them unfamiliar with one another and at least one of them having no idea where they are. The woman fears that the two of them slept together, and she gets more and more aggravated.

The male tells her how he has a girlfriend and he only met this new girl the night before. He surmises that the two of them got wasted the night before, leading to these unfortunate circumstances.

It seems like the woman might have begun believing that she was forced into this position the night before and that they had sex, and he quickly tries to convince her of his innocence, asking her “how could I have carried you here?”

He hopes that they can talk more calmly about it, though he’s worrying still that she might pursue her original theory that his attentions were unwanted, and make his life miserable with such accusations.

He continues in his attempt to convince her that nothing happened, pointing out that her buttons are still done up, and that she appears untouched.

The MV follows much the same storyline to begin with, as the unhappy couple awake with confusion and anger, each seeming to blame the other at first. Amusingly, the scene is made even more awkward by the presence of the artists and musicians in the room, crowding the uncomfortable space.

Some scenes show the mystery woman lip-synching with a male voice, while Aron plays the part of the male, also lip-synching to the lyrics. The MV gives the atmosphere a much lighter touch, however, as their uncertainty and frustrations devolve into a pillow fight, where the tensions are dissolved.

Kye Bum Joo also keeps it light-hearted for the camera, goofing off and acting silly.

It’s a great track about a supposed one-night stand, and the difficult repercussions the did-they/didn’t-they question holds, and a poignant reminder to people to make smart decisions while they’re sober in order to avoid difficult, sometimes life-altering situations like these.

Still, with such serious subject matter, the song isn’t difficult to listen to – quite the opposite, in fact. The light tones of this R&B track are addictive and distinctive, and are keeping fans coming back for more – including the ones who only found it due to their favourite NU’EST member’s participation.

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  1. Aliyah Rand says:

    No one understands what this song does to me OMG!!!<3

  2. Yssa G says:

    I love this!!!!!!!! <3 especially this style of music… it’s food to my soul XD

  3. Aline Fabricio says:

    Aron meu amor <3

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