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Teen Top: Miss Right

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Fresh from their European tour in February, Teen Top returned to promotional activities and took their places once again topping the charts with their new tracks. This time “Miss Right” is the release to keep your eyes and ears on, as the six-member teen dream team serenade us about first loves.

Teen Top have once again stepped up and this time, although being compared to every band in the book, it’s to their benefit. What seems to be borrowing elements from many different bands (and I’m not saying they are imitating anyone), they have made a melange that selects the best bits of all sorts of songs, images and even dancing styles to create a kind of superpower of a song.

Opening with something very reminiscent of Big Bang, including some of the wolf calls we once associated with G-Dragon in “Heartbreaker,” they’ve created a polished song that eventually reminds us of Block B, B.A.P., and still has all the fancy footwork we love from Teen Top.

Fittingly, they even released a secondary music video for the dance version, so you can practice along with them.

All those elements coming together doesn’t create for a song that is at all too busy, however; “Miss Right” keeps things very simplistic, with a catchy hook and addictive piano riffs that will stick in your head for days.

That “Rallarallaralla” hook, for example, reminds me incessantly of a tune from one of my favourite video games growing up (Sierra’s “Colonel’s Bequest” for the curious), though it differs clearly and is anything but a rip-off, the fact that it resonates as something from so long ago lends well to its staying power.

The boys’ voices, which they use so brilliantly and smoothly as they sing, “Ne eotteokhae; ije eeotteokhaeya heayo.” (What do I do; what do I do now?) Those soft tones really wrap this track up to be not just fun, but also very beautiful.

Singing about first loves can sometimes have childish elements, sometimes very soft romantic sides, and often funky, exciting sounds; “Miss Right” delivers the whole gamut very elegantly.

Ignoring the dance video version, since it is just that, the regular MV throws the Teen Top boys into a school environment where they are clearly trapped, unhappily, in detention when their “girl with the long straight hair” glides in and captures their attention and their hearts.

Their daydreams run rampant as the detention scenario is blown into a hyperbole and they are seen in various prison-type incarnations of different classes with their dream girl, played by the loveable comedienne Shin Bora.

A bit of silliness is even tossed in when Chunji pretends to be blind in the locker room and gets a bit of eye candy. The colourful video is rounded off with scenes of Teen Top’s legendary dancing, which fits well with this light-hearted song. L. Joe in particularly impressed me with his sincere acting, and it came through that he was really having fun with the video.

Let’s just say that if you were trapped in detention, this is the one you would want it to be. It even ends in a pillow fight!

Although the question for now remains what will happen to Teen Top when their members grow into adults, the boys have found a lot of success in a tough industry through a lot of hard work.

Climbing quickly to the peaks of the charts, for now they really are “on top,” and it’s clear that going forward is going to be a fun-filled ride with them. “Miss Right” hits all the right notes, even if their detention scenes hint at some “wrong”-doings. Teen Top are continuing to bring in new fans with each release.


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